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License Plate Collectors Clubs and Sites
NPCC - Australia
De Nummerplaat - Netherlands
AISTA - Italy - License Plate Collectors Email Group
License Plates on The Collectors Weekly
License Plate Mega-Sites
US/Canada/Mexico License Plates - David Nicholson
License Plate Information - Eric Tanner
The License Plate Shack - Marc Welby
Bruce Bufalini's License Plate Page
PLATES.2GAT123.COM - Norm Ratcliffe
World License Plates License Plates of the World - Michael Kustermann
Y2K+ Plates & Stickers - Mike Sells
PL8S.COM - Drew Steitz
Dutch Numberplate Archives - Herman Hallo
Olav's License Plate Pictures - Olav Arne Brekke
Rick's Homepage - Rick De Neve

License Plate Web Sites - Alphabetical By Jurisdiction
Alaska Alaska License Plates - Royce Williams
ARGENTINA Museum of Argentina Plates - Daniel Rubinger
Arizona Arizona License Plates - Gary Fox
AUSTRALIA Australian Number Plates - Dion Rinaldi
British Columbia - Christopher Garrish
CANADA Canadian License Plates - Tiger Joe Sallmen
Canadian License Plates - John Hayes
Colorado Colorado Plates - Doug DeMuro
Connecticut Illustrated History of Connecticut License Plates - Joe Wasielewski
Connecticut License Plates - Gerg Lindberg & Dave Smith
Connecticut Marker Plate History
Delaware The Delaware 3000 - Jordan Irazabal
Florida Florida PL8s
Florida License Plates - Willie Braswell
FLPL8S.COM - Howard Hinz
ITALY Plates in Rome - Michele Berionne
Kansas - Rich Haskell
Manitoba Manitoba License Plates - Manny Jacob
Maryland RICKSPLATES.COM - Rick Kretschmer
Massachusetts Chris Woodcock's Massachusetts Plates
MEXICO - Jim Moini
Michigan Whit's Plates - the late G. William Whitworth
New Hampshire New Hampshire License Plate Museum - Gerry Griffin
New Jersey - Jim Moini
New York - Scott Smith
North Carolina RICKSPLATES.COM - Rick Kretschmer
Ontario - Matt Embro
Oregon The Andrew Turnbull Network
PARAGUAY License Plates in Paraguay - Renaud Oligati
Pennsylvania PA PL8S - John McDevitt
RICKSPLATES.COM - Rick Kretschmer
PA Plate Highs - Tom Perri
POLAND License Plates of Poland - Grzegorz Labe
Texas The Bolthole - Nick DiFonzo
Texas License Plates - David Babcock
THAILAND Thailand Graphic Plates - Ittiporn Bhayackan
Vermont JFAZEKAS.NET - Jeff Fazekas
Washington DC
West Virginia The Andrew Turnbull Network
Wisconsin The Andrew Turnbull Network
Yukon - NWT - Nunavut The Bear's Den

License Plate Web Sites - Alphabetical By Type
1976 Plates 76 License Plates - Mike Sells
Antique Auto Antique Auto License Plates - Steve Grove
Apportioned APPORTIONED Plates - Jim Moini
Motorcycle VMAN's Motorcycle Plates - Vance Fulkerson
Pre-State - Steve Raiche
Sample Plates Nick's License PL8S Page - Nick Kanaya
Poochi's Sample/Prototype License Plates - Paul Bagnarol
Trucks and Trailers Truck and Trailer Plates - Jim Moini
State Police & Highway Patrol STATETROOPERPLATES.COM - Norm Ratcliffe
Windshield Stickers Windshield Stickers of the United States - Bruce Bufalini
HIGH Pate Number Web Sites
NEW JERSEY - Jim Moini
ONTARIO - Matt Embro
WISCONSIN - Andrew Turnbull
License Plate Web Sites
Dino Maricic - US License PlateZ
Sam Farley - Plates - Guenter Burczyk
Jon's Plates - Jon Lebowitz - Michael Wiener
J.D. Adams ALPCA 6313
License Plates by BigDaddyOlds - Richard Baucom
Plate Heaven - Joe Buriak
Canal Zone License Plates
PlateGuy's License Plate Trade Page - Tim Herman
Plates.TK - Jacco Hoekstra
WKJ's Plate Page - Keith Jones
Janko's PLATEWORLD - Janko Kästner
Rick Kretschmer's License Plate Web Site
Justin's License Plate Homepage - Justin Mattes
WildlandFD1's License Plate Corner - Mike McGuire
Melsh's Plate-O-Rama - Chris Melsha
Marc-Andre Morin's License Plate Web Page
Andrew Pang's License Plate Pages
State Trooper - Norm Ratcliffe
The PlateMan's Plate Gallery - Glenvil Roberts
NumberPlate Museum (German) - Sven Rost
Andy's Crate of License Plates - Andy Rutherford
Rick's License Plates - Rick Schofield
Motorcycle Plate Collection - Tom Smith
PL8WORLD - Helmut Stöcker
Ken Stratton's License Plate Pages
Frank's License Plates - Frank Straub
Street Rod License Plates
Eric Taylor's License Plate Site
License Plate Trophies - Peter Whipple
Paul's License Plates - Paul Wingert
Chris Woodcock's License Plate Page
DAZ PL8s - Dave Zubal
Brian Z's License Plate Collection - Brian Zygo
The Collection of Eric Getchell

A Small License Plate Collection - (Unknown Author)
PEI Vanity Plates - (Unknown Author)
License Plate Database Online - The open database for license plate collectors
(This is in German, but use Chrome and translate it !)
Plates-for-Sale Sites
License Plates For Sale on eBay
The Plate Hut
Plate DOG
Larry's License Plates
Tim's Plate Store
License Plates America
Plates USA
License Plate Store (LPS)
License Plates Plus
Frampers World of Plates - Maps made of plates ! - Mike Huetter
License Plate Restoration
The Tag Doctor - Rod Pearman

License Plate Books / Information Sites
License Plates of America & HIGHS
Plate Shed Forum
MVLS: Motor Vehicle License Systems
Waldale Manufacturing
The Delaware Historic Plate Company
Electro-Optical Technologies: Plate Recognition Systems

Regulatory Organizations
AAMVA - American Ass'n of Motor Vehicle Administrators
IRP - International Registration Plan
IFTA - International Fuel Tax Association

Cherished Numbers (UK)
Framptons Vintage & Classic Number Plates
Northumbria Numbers
Simply Registrations

Cool Plate Web Sites
AnyDMV.COM - Links to Motor Vehicle Dept's of all states
Where's That Vehicle Come From?
ACME License Plate Maker
R.T.'s Blank Plates - R.T. Brandon
ILPDB (Another "Communicate by Plate Number" site)
Cool Non-Plate Web Sites
The Collectors Weekly - The Best of Antiques and Collecting
The Sign Maker - Make Your Own Road Signs !!